Sunstone Sphere - Amethyst Aura Moon
Sunstone Sphere - Amethyst Aura Moon
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Sunstone Sphere

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Sunstone lives up to its name transmitting a sunny and positive attitude. The beautiful hues give off those sunny day rays! 

Associated Chakras: Sacral and Solar Plexus

Healing Properties:

  • Encourages self worth and self esteem
  • Enhances motivation, drive, independence and originality
  • Increases happiness and optimism, lifting dark moods  
  • Helps to remove inhibitions
  • Helps to curb procrastination
  • Said to assist in removing "hooks" from ties to other people 
  • Aids in relieving stress
  • Helps tp banish fears and phobias
  • Enhances good luck

 This listing is for one sphere measuring 8.3 cm. Weight is 1 lb 15 oz Minor variations can occur in photos due to individual browser settings and at times, due to natural deviations in materials, there may be imperfections in the form of natural chips, cracks or scratches, pit or pockets, inclusions or natural irregularities. Each piece is lovingly packaged for each order.

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