About Amethyst Aura Moon


     Thank you for checking out AMETHYST AURA MOON! My name is Shannon and I have always been drawn to crystals and stones and their unique organic beauty. Throw in their healing properties and WOW! We've got some real magic here. 

     When I was in my 20's and navigating through college followed by having my awesome kiddos, I kept my interest with crystals and stones but never pursued those pre-degree, pre-kiddo dreams of enhancing my spiritual life in the crystal realm. That was 20 plus years ago. 

     Fast forward to 2020-21 where it took me coming up on 50 (wait what!) and going through a life changing event, I decided to revisit those early dreams I once entertained. I jumped in the deep end, working on full "goddess warrior training" spiritually, energetically, physically and emotionally. Healing on top of healing. I quickly found myself completely open to the world of crystals and crystal healing once again. So here I am, sharing my new vision of Amethyst Aura Moon with all those who would like to be a part of this realm, weather it is simple curiosity, plain old shopping for any reason or addicted to all things crystals and crystal healing. 

     I look forward to growing Amethyst Aura Moon and being a part of this crystal and healing community bringing quality crystals, stones and more to all who find their way to us here at Amethyst Aura Moon.

     May you feel crystal clear love, light and blessings throughout your day! Thanks again for supporting small businesses and Amethyst Aura Moon.